C4 Fruit Punch

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Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

We looked at hundreds of C4 Fruit Punch reviews from users who bought and used this pre-workout. We will be telling you both the good and bad sides of the product and flavor based on the reviews we found the most helpful.

Hopefully this will help you make reach a decision whether to try C4 Fruit Punch out or not!

Average Rating:

Total: 252
5 Stars: 214
4 stars: 63
3 stars: 26
2 stars: 10
1 star: 39

The C4 Fruit Punch flavor is the 7th best c4 flavor as rated by users.


What People Say:

The Good

“This stuff makes me want to tear iron apart with my bare hands at the gym. Working out without a good pre-workout drink just isn’t the same now. Great stuff, the fruit punch tastes very good. Just lots of energy, no weird feelings or anything. Will buy again.” – Amazon Customer

“I seriously cannot believe how I made it through my workouts before using C4. I was trying to switch my workout routine to mornings, as my work hours continued to creep later and later. A friend recommended I try this out to help give me the boost I needed to make the most of my 6AM routine – and this did the trick. I typically take a full scoop 20-30 minutes before I workout which gives it enough time to kick in before I’m warming up. I typically look for a 45-60 minute routine, and sometimes even up to 90 minutes. The C4 lasts the entire duration of my workout and allows me to focus on the exercises instead of trying to stay awake. For those of have never had it, there’s definitely an odd “tingling” feeling that accompanies taking C4. You absolutely get used to it after taking the C4 more frequently, but I was a bit alarmed the first time I took it. The flavor itself is fine – but I take it with the minimum amount of water so it’s not like you’re drinking it for a long period of time anyway.” – Nicki

“I use this all the time. It is better then the C4 Sport. Tastes great. I drink half before a workout and then add more water and drink more while I train. Great stuff. I also us GU while I work out. Add the Garmin HR+ to track your work outs and you’ll be your best. Don’t buy in the store. You will do better buying from Amazon.” – Chuck

The Bad

“Warning: The fruit punch flavor is sooooo nasty!!! I’ve heard that the other flavors are alright but I haven’t personally tried them. As long as you can stand the vitamin like taste, this product does actually work for giving you energy for your workout” – A. Robles

“this is probably the WORST tasting pre workout i’ve ever had. DO NOT GET FRUIT PUNCH.” – Fotini

“The boost is great but the Fruit Punch tastes like cherry cough medicine. Should’ve stuck with the Watermelon flavor.” – Keith K.

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