C4 Orange Burst

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Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Orange Burst

We looked at dozens of C4 Orange Burst reviews from users who bought and used this pre-workout. We will be telling you both the good and bad sides of the product and flavor based on the reviews we found the most helpful.

Hopefully this will help you make reach a decision whether to try C4 Orange Burst out or not!

Average Rating:

Total: 23
5 Stars: 8
4 stars: 3
3 stars: 0
2 stars: 1
1 star: 11

The C4 Orange Burst flavor is the least popular c4 pre-workout as rated by users.


What People Say:

The Good

“Always been a good pre-workout. Good flavors. Tried muscletech pre-workout but it didn’t taste good or mix well.” – Roger D. Burch

“My favorite C4 so far” – .

“Like the taste and last long effect…may be 60 min of solid energy” – Sam

The Bad

“Im not sure if I got a bad batch but used it one time and left almost like a latex taste in my mouth the entire workout.” – Amazon Customer

“Bought the orange burst, it tasted like OJ from a metal can, it was terrible. I thought it was maybe my shaker bottle, then tried a glass, Ive tried everything. It’s like orange flavored batteries.” – Jason B

“Absolute worst flavor. I have tried many of the C4 flavors and this one is horrible. Stick with the blue raspberry and you can’t go wrong.” – HeatherStokes

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