C4 Pink Lemonade

C4 Pink Lemonade Review

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Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Pink Lemonade

We looked at hundreds of C4 Pink Lemonade reviews from users who bought and used this pre-workout. We will be telling you both the good and bad sides of the product and flavor based on the reviews we found the most helpful.

Hopefully this will help you make reach a decision whether to try C4 Pink Lemonade out or not!

Average Rating: 9.1

Total: 85
5 Stars: 53
4 stars: 19
3 stars: 5
2 stars: 4
1 star: 4

Cellucor C4 Pink Lemonade is top rated among all C4 pre-workout flavors.


What People Say

The Good

“I am a weightlifter and I like C4 for the energy I get and pink lemonade is my favorite.” – Anon

“I bought pink lemonade and was pleased with the taste. It gives me a slight pleasant tingling sensation.” – Kristy

“One of the best tasting pre workouts out there…  Solid stimulant level without making you feel insanely jittery and on edge. Doesn’t leave you nauseous, light headed and ready to pass out after every heavy set of squats or deadlifts.” – Steve Hen

“Also the pink lemonade isn’t a bad flavor, it is not too sweet and it’s not too sour!” – Anon

“This is the only pre workout mix I buy. I’ve tried many and you can’t beat the flavor and the impact of C4 Pink Lemonade.” – Mel v

“I got the pink lemonade flavor to try it out and it taste really good & gives you some really nice energy. It really does smell and taste like pink lemonade a bit. it does taste like pink lemonade but more sweet & not really sour overall good though taste good and get the job done” – Anon

The Bad

“I am not a big fan of the pink lemonade. It leaves a bad aftertaste. I do buy the Fruit Punch flavor often and I think that one is delicious.” – Kyle P

“I mixed in 8 oz. and gotta say wasn’t super impressed with the pink lemonade flavor.” – D. Williams

“So far, I’ve loved all the flavors this brand has to offer, but this one tastes incredible artificial and leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. I would receommend any flavor, except for the pink lemonade.” – Natalie McCallister

“It kind of reminded me of a vanilla flavor definitely not pink lemonade and thats probably why I didn’t like it.” – Marisa Ann

“Disgusting, tastes nothing like pink lemonade, so disappointed” – Kacie

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