C4 Watermelon

C4 Watermelon Review

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Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Watermelon

We looked at hundreds of C4 Watermelon reviews from users who bought and used this pre-workout. We will be telling you both the good and bad sides of the product and flavor based on the reviews we found the most helpful.

Hopefully this will help you make reach a decision whether to try C4 Watermelon out or not!

Average Rating: 8.8

Total: 122
5 Stars: 70
4 stars: 34
3 stars: 6
2 stars: 6
1 star: 6

Cellucor C4 Watermelon is the 2nd most popular of all C4 pre-workout flavors.


What People Say

The Good

“This gives me energy and focus w/o jitters and that head rush feeling. I was able to see the benefit of it after the first scoop. You just have more energy to push and do more reps and take less breaks. Definitely try it. Watermelon flavor is amazing as well.” – Oercan

“Best pre-workout around. Great results. And did I mention how delicious it is? The watermelon flavor tastes exactly like a jolly rancher!” – AA2017

“I love this stuff. Gives me quite a boost for my workout. The tingling feeling was odd at first but I am use to it now. Love the watermelon flavor” – Phoenix User

“This is very tasty, just like watermelon, yes I will be ordering it again.” – Addicted to Shoes

“Oh my goodness. This is so good, it tastes JUST like a watermelon jolly rancher. Provided excellent hydration during my 1 hour Tabata class. As a runner I am used to using nutrition during long runs, but this is my first time ever trying a special “sports drink” during a workout. I am pretty sure I am sold on this one on taste alone!!” – Stephanie Flatt

The Bad

“Aside for the HORRIBLE flavor (watermelon) also…” – shamburger

“This is one of the worst pre-workouts I have ever had. It taste awful I am not really sure where they got watermelon from…” – joe

“The taste of this powder is just nasty-it has a strong chemical like taste to it. Nothing like watermelon. I can’t get the taste out of my mouth. It leaves a horrible after-taste.” – Felicia V

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