What is L-Glutamine? L-glutamine is an amino acid that is a building block of protein. It's the most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream and it makes up 30-35 percent of the amino acid nitrogen in your blood. What are the benefits of L-Glutamine? Promotes digestive and brain health, muscle growth, athletic performance, and more. …

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Allura Red Dye 40

What is Allura Red Dye 40? Allura Red Dye 40 is one of the most commonly used dyes in the US. Supplements that contain Allura Red Dye 40Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout

Acesulfame Potassium

What is Acesulfame Potassium ? Acesulfame Potassium is an artificial sweetener that's up to 200 times sweeter than sugar. Supplements that contain Acesulfame Potassium Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout

Calcium Silicate

What is Calcium Silicate? This anti-caking agent can be found in a huge variety of food products, from salt and sugar to cereals to processed meats. It’s also used in insulation and the construction of roads. Supplements that contain Calcium SilicateCellucor C4 Pre-Workout


What is Sucralose? Sucralose is an artificial sweetener and sugar substitute. It's up to 650 times sweeter than sugar. Supplements that contain SucraloseCellucor C4 Pre-Workout

Silicon Dioxide

What is Silicon Dioxide? Silica, or silicon dioxide, is found in a variety of forms in our environment, as it is ubiquitous. It is naturally found in the earth, in our body tissues and in our food. Why is it good for building muscle? Silicon Dioxide prevents deformities in bones, playing a vital role in …

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Citric Acid

What is Citric Acid? Every time you enjoy citrus fruits, you consume citric acid produced by nature. Your body makes its own supply because citric acid is essential for producing the energy that keeps you active and healthy. Why is it good for building muscle? Citric Acid reduces muscle fatigue. It can also help ease …

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What is Theacrine? Found primarily in the leaves of the plant Camellia assamica var. kucha, theacrine has been a long-standing component in the traditional Chinese tea known as kucha, and now appears in pre-workout and energy drinks. It works a lot like caffeine, helping to boost energy and performance while decreasing fatigue. Why is it …

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Malic Acid

What is Malic Acid? Malic acid, a natural substance found in fruits and vegetables, is commonly associated with apples. The body produces malic acid when it converts carbohydrates into energy. Why is it good for building muscle? Malic acid helps boost energy levels. It is an essential component in the Krebs cycle, a process that …

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Velvet Bean Seed Extract

What is Velvet Bean Seed Extract? Mucuna Pruriens, or Velvet Bean, is a bean that grows from trees and is very itchy to touch due to serotonin on its surface. It is a good source of L-DOPA, and contains some other molecules that may aid the benefits of L-DOPA. The other psychoactives in Mucuna are …

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