Does P90X Build Muscle?

Does P90X Build Muscle

Does P90X Build Muscle?

Working out these days is not only for the purpose of losing weight. In fact, most exercise enthusiasts and gym fanatics are people who are already fit but are seeking to stay fit. What people usually forget is that exercises for weight loss are very different from those of fitness maintenance. This is why many of them after reaching their target fitness levels end up confused on what exercises to pick up and which ones to stop. It is for this very reason that the P90X program was launched. With its different exercise modules and diet plans, you will be able to maintain the momentum to keep fit for a very long time.

What is the P90X program?

The P90X program is basically a comprehensive and integrated exercise and dieting plan. It includes many different exercises aimed at toning your muscles, improving cardio and so much more. These include things like swimming, yoga and aerobics which are performed at different intervals over a period of 3 months. Below are the three key components of the program to help you get a better understanding of how it works.

  • Exercise guide

This is basically the part of the program that shows you what to do and more importantly, how to do it for the best results. It consists of demonstrative videos, exercise calendars and fitness tests to help you evaluate yourself on a regular basis.

  • Gym equipment

This is provided as part of the package with an assortment of gym equipment to help with the fitness plans.

The equipment includes yoga mats, pull-up bars, dumbbells, push up handles and resistance bands. These coupled up with the information videos helps to get you on the right tract.

  • Diet plan

The aim of this part of the program is to help you build body mass in a healthy way. It focuses mainly on carbohydrates but proteins take center stage during the first month of the program.

The diet plan part includes recipes and source recommendations for these and other nutrients that will help you as the user to stay fit.

Benefits of the program: Does P90X actually build muscle?

Since taking the world of fitness and exercise by storm in 2003, the P90X program still raises one question; does it build body muscle?

Well based on the scientific research and real life results from people who have used it, the answer is a simple and straight forward yes.

This is done through the exercise and diet portions of the program.

Exercises like push-ups, pull ups and dumbbell weight lifting work on muscle tone and strength.

They gradually increase tone and muscle volume and depending on the area of focus, help in muscle building.

The diet aspect works on muscle building mainly during the first month. This is because of the heavy focus on protein.

Proteins are the building blocks for muscle tissue and therefore when consumption is increased more muscle tissue is built.

Other benefits include:

  • It helps increase the effectiveness of different exercises by showing you exactly how they should be done.
  • It is convenient in terms or resource availability as you are basically provided with all that you need to complete the program.
  • It is easy to comply with because due to the reasonable strictness and easy to follow tips.
  • It makes dieting fun with interesting recipes and plans to try out.

Bottom line

It goes without saying that the P90X program is very effective when it comes to maintenance of fitness. However, the effectiveness and desirability of results depends a great deal on you as the program user. What this means is that the more compliant you are, the better the results you will get.

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