No Xplode vs C4 Review 2018

no xplode vs c4

Last modified on October 10th, 2018 at 5:25 am

Regular exercise can be really fulfilling and enjoyable for the person working out.

However, it is really taxing in terms of energy and requires not only physical endurance but also emotional strong will.

One way to take care of the physical hurdle in this case is by using pre-workout supplements.

These help provide you with the extra boost of energy required to go through the entire workout session without experiencing a burnout.

NO Xplode from BSN and C4 from Cellucor are among the best in the market and below is a descriptive analysis and comparison of the two products.


No Xplode first and foremost is packed with vitamins and minerals including most of the Vitamin B family as well as vitamin D and minerals such as calcium, sodium and iron.

These act as coenzymes in various energy releasing processes in the body.

No Xplode also has a special Nootropic blend that targets the cognitive aspect of exercise and is aimed at increasing focus, alertness and willpower.

C4 on the other hand has the same minerals and vitamins as the No Explode.

However, it has vitamin C as an added bonus which is important in connective tissue formation and repair.

This comes in handy with tissue repair after strenuous exercises.

C4 is also different due to the explosive energy blend with caffeine as one of the key ingredients.

This helps the user gain a massive and sustained energy boost for an effective workout session.

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Single serving size

For both No Xplode and C4, each container contains a total of sixty servings.

There is, however, a difference in terms of serving size. For the No Xplode blend, one serving is 18.5 grams.

For C4 on the other hand, one serving is 6.5 grams.

This means that C4 packs more content in a smaller serving than No Xplode does.

Taste and flavors available

Both supplements have a variety of flavors available.

For No Xplode, some of the most popular include fruit punch, blue raz, grape and green apple.

C4 on the other hand has its very own fruit punch blend as well as lemonade and raspberry as the fan favorite flavors.

In this case, the diversity puts both supplements on the same level.

Mixability and texture

Both supplements are fully soluble in water.

However, C4 dissolves much faster than No Xplode and has a smoother consistency than the latter.

No Xplode also happens to foam up when stirred to mix.

This is not always an issue but for users concerned about texture, C4 takes the cake.


Between these two pre-workout supplements, C4 is the more expensive option although not by very much.

While No Xplode costs between $39.99 and $46.99, the prices for the C4 supplement typically range between $40.00 and $49.99.

The prices range depending on where you buy, when you buy or how many of the products you buy at a time.

Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that both pre-workout supplements are great.

Despite the various differences, it is safe to say that where one lacks in a certain area it makes up for it with another amazing feature.

The final choice of which is best truly lies with the consumer depending on what they are looking for and what they prefer.

Bottom line, both products are amazing and all you will need to do is build up endurance over time to enjoy the full benefits that they have to offer.

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