The Best C4 Flavor 2017

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The Best C4 Flavor

You want to know what the absolute best C4 flavor is? We scoured the internet and found thousands of reviews on massive & trusted sites to find out which is the best tasting C4 flavor.

The best C4 flavors, updated December 2017

  1. Green Apple (9.0/10)
  2. Pink Lemonade (8.8/10)
  3. Watermelon (8.7/10)
  4. Icy Blue Razz (8.7/10)
  5. Cherry Limeade (8.6/10)
  6. Strawberry Margarita (8.5/10)
  7. Fruit Punch (8.4/10)
  8. Orange Burst (7.1/10)

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About Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout

Cellucor is a sports nutrition brand from the nutritional life sciences company.

Cellucor’s main product line, ‘Chrome Series’, includes a lot of pre-workout supplements, including the brand’s pre-workout, C4 Extreme.

The C4 extreme workout supplement comes in various flavors. They include cherry limeade, fruit punch, green apple, ice blue razz, orange burst, pink lemonade, strawberry margarita, and watermelon.

However the best C4 flavor from many customer reviews is the Green Apple flavor as of September 2017.


  • Creatine nitrate: This ingredient contains nitric acid which is used to stimulate blood flow to your muscles. This acts to enhance the visible appearance of your muscle pumps as well as promote muscle recovery.
  • B complex vitamins: These include niacin, folic acid which are used in cellular energy production hence keeps you energized through your entire workout.
  • Arginine AKG: This ingredient is used to stimulate protein synthesis and hence may act to preserve lean muscle mass.

Other ingredients may include; carbohydrates, calcium, folic acid and explosive energy blend.

How Much Should I Take?

The C4 original pre-workout is sold at 30 servings per container (174grms).

It is recommended that one take one serving (1 scoop) mixed with 4-6 fl. of water 30 minutes before training.

Once tolerance has been assessed you can add one additional serving of the same amount.

It is also highly recommended that one consume plenty of water during your workout.


This product is meant for healthy individuals above the age of 18 and should be kept away from children’s reach.

Other people who should avoid the use of this product are; Pregnant or nursing mothers, if you’re currently taking nitrates for chest pain or on medication for erectile dysfunction, individuals on antidepressants or blood thinners and people with high or low blood pressure, diabetes, and glaucoma.

One should generally check with their physician before use of this product.

C4 Pre-workout Pros:

  • Energy: It keeps you energized all through your workout thus one can keep up the momentum from start to finish without giving in to the fatigue.
  • Focus: The formula in the dose of the C4 pink lemonade flavor contains B vitamins which keep your mind on your workout as you push yourself to the maximum.
  • Pumps: These are result of the blood, oxygen and nutrients rushing through your working muscle tissue which provides greater workout results.The amino acids in the formula optimize your pumps.
  • Award winning: This brand of the Cellucor is a trusted pre-workout for men and women of all training levels.It has won awards such as ‘Pre-workout of the Year’ thus you can be sure it is a quality product

C4 Green Apple

It is not common to have energy supplements come in such a variety of flavors. However, this is not the case with the C4 line of products. Not only does it have the required ingredients that one needs for a perfect work-out, but it also has the flavor that is nothing less than delicious.

The C4 Green Apple is one such variant which offers a unique blend of bursting flavor and essential minerals and vitamins that allows for a greater period of training and rigorous exercising for both men and women.

Some of the ingredients include TeaCor which is essential for more energy generated right on the spot, Beta Alanine which is a crucial amino acid meant to support muscular endurance and Creatine Nitrate which provides enhanced pumping of the blood along with greater strength.

You’ll also benefit from various vitamins such as Vitamin C which is a well-known anti-oxidant that will help you relax along with other ingredients that help you focus better.

C4 Pink Lemonade

The C4 pink lemonade flavor is in powder form. It contains a lot of nutrients meant to help you get the best out of your workout regimen.
It contains ingredients for energy and focus so that you can have your most productive workouts.

Many of the satisfied customers using this flavor describe the taste as being very similar to pink lemonade itself hence there’s no need to worry about surprising tastes.

Cherry Limeade

A premium pre-workout supplement, the C4 Cherry Limeade is one of a kind powdered energy source letting its consumers train better and work out from start to finish with exceptional performance.

With ingredients that gives the optimum amount of nutrition for all your work-out needs, the C4 Cherry Limeade is the ideal supplement for all exercising men and women who want to achieve great results.

Now with a delicious and savory cherry limeade flavor, the C4 Cherry Limeade is a must-get for all those enthusiasts who want to boost their energy levels.

C4 Cherry Limeade provides numerous benefits, helping you improve your focus with the help of various B vitamins present in the powder.

It also helps the heart pump blood better since it contains essential amino acids that aid in blood circulation all across your body while you exercise.

Fruit Punch

With a unique fruit punch flavor and an exceptional energy booster, the C4 fruit punch is one of the most sought-after energy supplements by men and women alike. The flavor makes it even more irresistible.

So, if you are looking for a great exercise routine and a more effective work-out spree, then this supplement is for you.

C4 Fruit Punch comes with the same ingredients as those included in the C4 original, it’s rich in B vitamins, amino acids and various other nutrients such as carbohydrates that help boost your energy levels to a great extent.

The supplement offers many benefits such as allowing better pumping of the blood, enhancing focus and much more.

It also contains minerals like Calcium that make your bones stronger and contains 150 mg of caffeine to give you that extra boost.

Orange Burst

With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 given by 946 customers on Amazon, the C4 Original Pre-workout supplement is the premium choice for all those men and women who have a tough and exacting workout regimen.

Now in Orange flavor, the C4 orange burst gives more than just a blend of unique ingredients that are mixed together to provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a perfect exercising routine.

The flavor is truly remarkable and the supplement offers a great deal of benefits. Essentially, taking the supplement will allow you to have better focus due to the presence of several useful B Vitamins that are included keeping in mind what the body needs while working out.

The supplement also has many amino acids that help in efficient pumping of the blood to all your muscles ensuring that you have sufficient energy to carry out your activities.

Icy Blue Razz

As fancy as the name, the icy blue razz is undoubtedly the most exotic flavor that you will ever find in any supplement. This C4 variant will leave you with enough energy that you require for any type of work-out routine no matter how difficult it might be.

Being an offspring of the C4 original supplement brand, it goes without saying that this supplement offers the same benefits as the original but with a flavor that just cannot be missed.

It contains many essential vitamins and minerals along with other ingredients that are meticulously chosen for those men and women who want an all-in-one solution for their demanding exercising needs.

The supplement provides you with minerals like calcium, amino acids including creatine nitrate, and beta alanine, and just the right amount of caffeine to act as the source of energy without causing any kind of intoxication.

Strawberry Margarita

If you are a person who loves exercising and like to remain fit, but are finding that it is hard to maintain your energy levels for longer periods, then the C4 Strawberry Margarita work-out supplement is for you.

With an exceptional taste and a perfect mix of the most beneficial ingredients for people like you, the C4 Strawberry Margarita has everything that you may need for a tough and long exercise regimen.

It contains vital minerals and vitamins that balance out your energy needs and benefit you in terms of providing you enhanced focus and cognitive ability along with more evenly distributed blood supply to your flexing muscles.

Not only does it have the right type and amount of amino acids needed to maintain optimum energy levels, but it also has ingredients such as caffeine that gives you the much-needed energy boost.


Just like the original C4 work-out supplement, the C4 watermelon provides you with all the necessary energy maintenance ingredients that you need. But the story does not end here.

C4 watermelon is a flavored supplement that simply allows you to relish the mouth-watering taste while enjoying the many health benefits that it so generously provides.

It contains unique ingredients such as Beta Alanine which help you with muscular endurance allowing you to exercise for longer periods along with other amino acids that enhance blood pumping.

Let us know which one you prefer in the comments below! Keep strong!

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